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Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So I took Jaque's challenge.....It was tough! So here are 25 Random things about me that people may or may not know. I hope others will take the challenge as well. Good luck!

1. The furthest east I have been is Vernal Utah.

2. I'm married to the perfect man for me. Oh how I love my Dan. He is a sweetheart and I adore him.

3. I love my Grace! It is such a blessing to be a mom. She has a sweet spirit and is a miracle.

4. I am addicted to scrapbook supplies and paper.(my husband is a good sport)

5. I love to watch Dancing With The Stars! Dan took me to see the Dancing with the Stars Tour. My secret (which is not so secret now) is to take dancing lessons with my hubby. I think it would be sooooo romantic.

6. I absolutely love and adore our parents, brothers, sisters and nieces.

7. I love chocolate- life would be so sad without it.

8. I believe in wishing on stars. (My dreams are bound to come true) The most important ones already have.

9. I love quotes and have my own quote book.

10. I gave birth naturally-NEVER AGAIN- I want an epidural!

11. I am a hopeless romantic (I'm glad Dan is too)

12. I love to decorate, get ideas and sketch them. One day I would like to design my own home.

13. I have always wanted to start my own business (I wish I had more guts)

14. I am extremely sentimental and I have a very hard time throwing things away.

15. I hate when food is not completely wiped off the plate before putting it in the dishwasher. That way it always comes out clean.

16. I taught seminary for 3 years. ( I learned so much) what a blessing!

17. I played varsity fast pitch and soccer in high school and sang in choir and Crimson Image.

18. I hate doing dares, I would rather give the truth any day.

19. I love camping- Family, friends, food, fire, fun!

20. I love making the little things special.

21. I only gained 13 pd's total when I was pregnant with Grace.

22. I refuse to buy a sleeping bag that cannot zip with my husbands sleeping bag.

23. I love to throw parties and go to them too.

24. I love holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. I believe everyone should feel special on their special days.

25. I am a night owl- I love to stay up! You don't want to know what time it is right now! :)


Jaquelyn Martinsons said...

You did it! You hopeless romantic you.

Danika said...

This is Danika -

i so enjoyed looking at your blog! just darling!