Faith in God includes faith in his timing -Neal A. Maxwell

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Camping Trip to Riverside

Relaxing at camp with the Schow's, Navarro's, De Lima's, and Williams.
We all ate the best food, sat around the fire, talked and played games, went to Yellowstone, and played in the river. What a great 4th of July Vacation.

Staying away from the misquitos and watching movies while the adults had game night! A portable DVD player is really nice!
Lola and Grace

We love Cheerios!

All of us had a great time at the river at Riverside. We played in the water, had water fights, got sunburns, got clean, searched for Dans glasses as they fell of his face and took off down the river. Had a special miracle as Ivan found his frames and later Eli found 1 lens that had popped out. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks to everyone for looking so hard to find them!
We had such a great time with you all.


Jaquelyn Martinsons said...

It looks like you all had a blast! When are you coming home?

Scott and Lori Smith said...

I just found your comment, I always forget to look at them! I know, in the video all she could say was "Oh My Gosh!!" and cry! It was great! Camping would have been fun too. We'll have to do it soon.