Faith in God includes faith in his timing -Neal A. Maxwell

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lovin her cousins

We had a great time on conference weekend. Jacob(my brother), Rebecca, Rachel, Eve, Esther and Emily came from Boise to visit us and (my sister) Samantha and Matt. We all watched conference together and had tons of fun for the whole weekend. We toured Rexburg (that part was short :) Went to see campus and ate at Craigos (pizza, salad and pasta). We experienced G's dairy and the 6 of us ate the 13 scoop Holy Cow. YUM!!!!!! Had fun playing games and hanging out together. Grace absolutely loved playing with her cousins. She was soooo sad to see them leave. We all hadn't been together since Christmas. The only thing that would have made the weekend better would be to have our mom and dad here. What a special treat to be together.
Eve, Emily, Esther, Grace and Rachel
Ages 4,1,2,3,5
The Girls

Jacob, Rebecca and their girls

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