Faith in God includes faith in his timing -Neal A. Maxwell

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little bit at a time

So it has been a good and productive week. Dan and I stopped eating sugar for a week to clean out our systems. I have to admit it felt really good and we both lost about 6 lbs. YAY!!!!!!! I really started not desiring the sugar. We both have felt empowered. We had a little treat on the weekend and then started again Monday morning. YAY for will power! We started exercising again too. Just trying to be better and that is good enough!


Scott and Lori Smith said...

woohoo! that's some power, I don't think I could possibly give up sugar! Good job!

Jennifer said...

Yah for you guys!!! I have been going with sugar too. It feels good after I gorged myself over Christmas. It really feels good.