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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am almost at 22 weeks....yes I still blog :)

These ultrasound pictures were taken at 19 weeks on January 18th 2011. This was our special appointment letting us know that WE ARE HAVING A SWEET LITTLE BOY! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is so exciting to know that we will have one of each :) The doctor says that he looks healthy and strong. His heartbeat is 142bpm.
We felt so much joy seeing him and watching him move around. No worries, he is definately a boy!
On Thursday February 3rd Dan and I actually saw him kick my tummy. It was so fun to watch this beautiful miracle. We can always feel him but it was cool to see him stretch out.
Look at that strong arm :)

We can't believe how clear this picture of his whole leg is. Wow!


M & S McMullin said...

We are sooo excited to meet your little man!!!!

Megan Marie said...

so exciting!!!!!! hooray for baby boys!!!! Grace will be the best big-sister!!!