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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grill Masters Beef Challenge

Dan my Grill Master!!!!!!!!
Dan was judged on taste, plating, and presentation. He was awesome. It was sooooo mouth watering YUMMY!!!!!! Points were really close. He took 4th place with 169....3rd place had 170, 2nd place had 173. Not sure about 1st place. There were 8 total entry's.
In my book he definitely won! He had great competitors. All the steaks were so good! After judging we got to serve it to the public. People Loved it!!! It felt really good that he did so well since he had never made a tri tip until yesterday. We created our own recipe from scratch. He cooked it perfectly and everyone LOVED it and wanted MORE! He had great complements! We had so much fun together. He won 2 Whole Great big Tri Tips to take home, apron, baseball hat, hot pad, meat thermometer, and a bumper sticker and the satisfaction that he did an amazing job! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
So Juicy and Beautiful
Our beautiful plate
Grilled Pineapple, mango's and strawberries
People starting to set up

Dan and Samantha

Meeting before


Just putting it on

Oh so pretty



Announcing the winners

Family fun

So hot out here!

All of us

Our reward

A family that grills together has fun together!!!!!!

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