Faith in God includes faith in his timing -Neal A. Maxwell

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!

Grace was so happy to have some friends over for her birthday party. Gracie W, Ava, Daemyn, Gracie H, and Gracie A were able to attend. It was so funny to have 4 Gracie's at a birthday party. We were also fortunate to have the Smith's, Seely's, McMullin's, Carson's, Creb's, Asher's, Roger's, Hainer's and William's over to share in the fun. We were supposed to have a garden party, but instead we brought the garden inside due to a massive thunderstorm 30 minutes before the party began. Well let's just say we were cozy :) We had a wonderful time. I'm so happy the cake turned out great too. We can't believe our little girl turned 4. This is Grace's last birthday here in Idaho with the sweet and dear friends that we have made. We feel so blessed to share this special day with them.
Excited to blow out my candles

I love my friends

I'm having so much fun

My new camping chair

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Schows said...

Lolas sick she missed it! Frankly SO AM I!!!! I'm homesick for Rexburg! You all look great!